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Grey F. Rolland



Get to know me

First and foremost, it is an honor to have the opportunity to serve the youth of our communities as a professional in the Boy Scouts of America. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and give you an idea of why I have a passion for the life changing program of Scouting.


I was born in Pennsylvania, raised in Freehold, NJ, and come from a Scouting family. My brothers were Scouts, my sister was a Girl Scout, and both my nephews were, or are, in Scouting. My mother served as a Den Leader, and my father served as Assistant Scoutmaster and Troop Committee Chairman.

I joined Cub Scouts at age 8 in Pack 157 at St. Rose of Lima School in Freehold Borough. The following year, Pack 158 was organized at Burlington Road School which I attended, so my parents transferred me there. I stayed active in the pack andearned my Arrow Light. I was extremely proud to be the first Webelos to earn all 15 activity badges in Pack 158.


I moved on to Troop 158, also at Burlington Road School. This was just at the beginning of the “new” program, complete with red berets and light green handbooks. 158 had the reputation of being a “tough” troop and was the “Undisputed Tug-of-War Champion of Monmouth Council.” I never really saw the tough part, and the friendships we formed remain in place today. I have a lot of great memories of my youth in scouting: summers at Forestburg Scout Reservation, Klondike Derbies, and winter camping. 

I was active in the Troop until I moved out of state in the early 1990’s. I am a not-so-proud member of the “96% majority” of Boy Scouts, which means I am not an Eagle Scout. Not reaching Eagle is probably the only thing I regret about my youth in scouting. 


I was also an Explorer in Post 90; the Joshua Huddy Fife and Drum Corps. Post 90 was a “Revolutionary War Reenactment” post. This was during the Bicentennial, so I spent much time in those years traveling up and down the Eastern United States. I participated in historic encampments at Valley Forge, crossing the Delaware on Christmas Eve, meeting Queen Elizabeth on her first trip to Boston…I am extremely fortunate to have had these opportunities.  

I attended High School at Freehold Borough, where I participated in theater, choir, track (javelin, discus, and pole vault) and wrestling. I received my Bachelor of Science Degree from Mansfield University in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. 

I have thirty years of operational experience in metro councils. My career began as an Associate District Executive in Queens, New York in 1986. I have served in the Bronx, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Newark, NJ, Oakland, NJ and Syracuse, NY. I have been a Camp Staff Member, Aquatics Director, District Executive, Senior District Executive, District Director, Field Director, Director of Support Services, and Chief Operations Officer. I currently serve as the Scout Executive of the Longhouse Council in Syracuse, NY. I have supervised numerous professional, support, and ranger staffs, and worked with thousands of volunteers. I have served scouting as an Assistant Scoutmaster and Post Advisor.


I am a Vigil member of the Order Arrow, Founders Award Recipient, have earned three Wood Badge Beads, and am a member of the Professional Circle of the Boy Scouts of America. 


In 1998 I married Beth Tanis. Beth is an Occupational Therapist and Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist. Beth currently works at SUNY Upstate Medical Center in the outpatient neurological clinic and the Concussion Program. She has served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Driving Rehabilitation Specialists twice and is currently Past President. She has been a regular lecturer at Columbia University, Seton Hall University, Kean University, LaMoyne College and Utica College on the topics of driving and vision rehabilitation. Beth is an experienced triathlete who has completed six Ironman races. Beth gives incredible support to my scouting career. She and I believe professional scouting is a “calling” and she accompanies me on my scouting details whenever possible. Beth and I share our home with Obi, our rescued Rhodesian Ridgeback. In the warmer months, Beth and I spend our leisure time hiking near home or in the Adirondacks or Maine. In the winter we head off to find snow to play in. We enjoy adventure travel both within and outside the United States as well as physical fitness. 

Some of my other hobbies include snowmobiling, adventure motorcycling and four wheeling. I’m a third-generation member of the Anthracite Rod and Gun Club, member of Western Clinton Sportsman’s Association, Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, Adventure Riders, New York State Snow Travelers, Tri Lakes Snowmobile Club, and Stowe Snowmobile Club.


Beth and I are members of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue. We attend Eastern Hills Bible Church in Manlius, NY. 

Thank You.


Beth and I view an interview to serve the Bay-Lakes Council as a wonderful opportunity. We are excited about the prospect of becoming part of your community. 


As a professional scouter, I have served the urban and rural, the rich and the poor, the empowered and the disenfranchised, all with the same goal in mind: “to give kids a better life”. I have recruited Den Leaders and Council Presidents and I have built everything from new units to computer networks, shower houses, and dining halls. I have generated millions of dollars in revenue, capital projects and goods and services. I enjoy new challenges. I took a Director of Support Services position and completely transformed and expanded the role to become the only Director of Support Services to serve as Council Chief Operating Officer in the Boy Scouts of America.  I am proud to serve the communities of Central and Norther New York as the Scout Executive of the Longhouse Council. Over the past eight years we have forged a foundation of financial stability, focused on our systems of service, and renewed our commitment to the growth of our program.

The challenges we have faced in the Boy Scouts of America cannot be taken lightly and they are not over. I believe all challenges create opportunities. This is a time for us to seize those opportunities. 

It will take experience and leadership to guide us over the next several years. 

Professional Scouting is a lifestyle. I build strong relationships based on honesty, trust, and common ground. I believe with strong relationships we can accomplish anything. My sincere wish is that this introduction is the beginning of that strong relationship. 

I would be honored to be part of this selection process where my career would come full circle. I believe that working together, we will achieve great things, and I would welcome the opportunity to work together with you as the next Scout Executive of the Bay-Lakes Council.



"The last five years have flown by in Longhouse Council because Grey has done ten years worth of work.”

Scott Armstrong

Past President, Longhouse Council, Chairman, BSA National Communications Committee

"Grey is a game changer for us."

Milt Hill

Past President, Longhouse Council

“Grey is a strong leader and decision maker. Once he identifies the right person for a team or job Grey will ensure they have the correct information and tools required to complete the task and the empowers them to do it."

Walter Koroluk

Council Commissioner, Northern New Jersey Council

'Grey may not be from this community but he is part of our community."

Had Fuller III

2019 BOYPOWER Honoree

"Grey has the Longhouse Council Staff really energized."

Mike Surbaugh

Former Chief Scout Executive

"If you ever get the opportunity to work with Grey, take it. He says what he’s going to do and he does exactly what he says."

Bernard Gingras

Former Treasurer, Northern New Jersey Council

"Grey brought a passion for the Order as a true Brotherhood of Chearful Service. He worked as a bulwark against those who didn’t want to or could not accept change. His legacy is a lodge that has earned JTE Gold three years running and is well positioned for continued growth and improvement."

Warren Dressler Jr.

Lenapehoking Lodge Advisor (Deceased)

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