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The Longhouse Council had growth in membership at the close of 2022. We still have work to do. We are still experiencing a decline in Scouts BSA membership due to Covid-19.


To combat these trends we recruited Bill Christ, an Eagle Scout, and the Superintendent of the Diocese of Syracuse, to be the Vice President of Membership. This has put an end to many of the school access issues faced by the council. We have put a focus on quality unit program to support retention and we are projecting better than 80% during 2021 recharter. All Unit Serving Executives meet with their school superintendents at least once annually. Longhouse Council had 2.8%-unit growth in 2019 and 10% of the Cub Scout enrollment were girls. The council was 80 youth short of showing membership growth in 2019.


My experience in reaching youth markets has been truly diverse. Over my career I have served almost every type of community, including urban, suburban, and rural areas.

In the field, I have a proven record of membership development, organizing hundreds of units and recruiting thousands of scouts. As a Field Director, I led the Northern New Jersey Council to a record 7.6% gain in youth market share and a 5.9% gain in unit growth. I have been recognized regionally and nationally with the “Year End Achiever,” “Balanced Growth Achiever” and “Chief Scout Executive’s Winners Circle” awards.

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